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21st Century democracy will be built upon a foundation of transparency, trust and accountability. The rapidly changing media landscape will not afford the luxury of partisanship or corruption to a representative government that feels no debt of responsibility to its constituency. As information continues to become more readily accessible and varied beyond narrow channels, this country will no longer buy into the same failed paradigms that force future generations to pay for the irresponsibility of those currently in power.

We believe that all Americans have the right to adequate health care, an excellent education and strong environmental regulation in balance with a free market economy. We are certain that government corruption can be greatly diminished by integrating representative government and the Internet with the intention of creating an interactive democracy that allows for direct engagement by citizens.

Better Government Party is willing to move past the political differences that divide our great nation along superficial lines. We believe that every citizen wants what’s best for America. It is time to replace rhetoric with common sense. Now, more than ever, not only is change possible, it is absolutely essential.

Better Government Party – because America deserves better.


Better Government Party is formed with independent consensus builders and Libertarians, with disenfranchised Republicans and Democrats adopted from congress

Is a coalition meant to overthrow status quo of corruption, waste, and ineffectiveness

Agrees to forget past political differences

Fiercely anti government corruption

Believes in healthcare for all US citizens

Believes in the best education for all US citizens

Believes in very strong environmental protection

Believes in an extremely simplistic tax structure like a flat tax or value added tax

Believes in free market economics

Believes in promoting pure American ideals globally – like human rights, political freedom, free speech, and environmentalism

Better Government Party believes in more and better intelligence infrastructure and more special forces, with less overt warfare

Better Government Party is fiercely antiterrorism (defined as any person or group who would support the death of noncombatant innocents – ie affiliated with any suicide bombing group for example – or most groups that define themselves as “jihadists”, “white supremacists”, “skinheads”, “racists”, etc.)

Better Government Party is highly Internet centric.

Believes in electronic government

Real time participatory community

Believes in propping up the poorest and weakest citizens

Believes government should promote nonprofit work and volunteerism

Does not believe in subsidies for special interest groups – other than considerations for charities helping the sick and poor, those which government has failed to provide

Believes in advancement only by merit

Does not believe in “pork” or “horsetrading”

Does not believe in educational quotas, affirmative action, or the 8a program

Believes in transparency in government

Embraces all relevant technology to evolve the political model

Believes in a line item veto

Does not believe in a nonmarket minimum wage

Believes in job training not welfare

Believes in teaching people to fish but not fishing for them, and believes the government should do same

Believes in fair trade

Believes in much higher standards for the press

Believes in much higher standards for Hollywood

Believes low taxes are good for rich and poor alike by encouraging additional investment of capital that will cycle through the economy – enhancing opportunity for all and perpetually raising the GDP, whereas raising taxes generally has the opposite effect

Believes in facts and statistics as opposed to political rhetoric

Believes teachers should be paid more than politicians or businesspeople if they live up to the highest standards

Believes companies who hire illegal aliens should be prosecuted for illegally harming the earnings power and security of American families

Better Government Party represents only common people; corporate interests just to the extent they reflect the interests of common people

All members stick to strict ethical guidelines as rolemodels and representatives of the common people

Concerned about the opinions of the average American taxpayers and encourages real time townhall and online townhall feedback.

The key is that Better Government Party constituency is Americans whose opinions count, and they are paying their fair share to support the success of the union.

The opinions of companies, lobbyists, and foreign countries or citizens do not count except to the extent it happens to align with the interests of average Americans.

Believes in “legal” immigration exclusively, for that matter everything else qualified as “legal” and nothing else “illegal” – do not support or condone the anarchy of illegal immigration

Believe immigration problems can be solved with government process reform (fix INS and ICE) and passage of new laws that enable more legal immigration and deal with existing illegals

Better Government Party specifically works against the interests of groups they identify as rich corrupt industries and lobbyists. While tobacco, alcohol, Hollywood, gun dealers, etc. may have legal products there is certainly nothing illegal about working against their interests in congress and in promotional arenas as First Amendment expression on behalf of the interests of common Americans

Better Government Party believes in international coalition building and evolving crosscultural communications

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