The Current Situation:

America’s economy is struggling. The ongoing recovery is still weak and it has been painfully lopsided – Wall Street is back on its feet, but Main Street is still hurting. With the livelihood of American families is at stake, putting people back to work must be the first priority for our country. It is imperative that this objective is viewed as a goal in and of itself, not an opportunity to advance special interest agendas. Better Government Partyis committed to advocating any policies designed to benefit struggling citizens instead of corporate special interests.

Better Government Party:

Hard-working Americans deserve to keep their hard-earned money. We believe that low taxes benefit the entire country. Further, our current tax system is needlessly complicated, a perfect example of the waste and ineffectiveness that weigh down government bureaucracies. We advocate a streamlined, more simplistic tax structure, such as a flat tax or a value added tax.

America’s infrastructure is aging. Bridges are collapsing, roads are in disrepair, and our nation’s mass transit systems are celebrated more for being historic than for their speed, safety records, or efficiency. Infrastructure investments can play a vital role in our recovery as they build the foundation for a stronger future and put more Americans to work.

The national deficit will be one of the greatest challenges our country has ever faced. We’re going to have to make a lot of hard decisions and even some sacrifices. However, we will never be able to balance the budget without a strong economy. Greater government efficiency is always desirable, but we must make sure that shortsighted, sweeping spending cuts and terminated government jobs do not overwhelm our fragile recovery. We must do this the right way, not just the easy or politically expedient way.

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