The Better Government Party is a united front for disenfranchised voters frustrated by our self-serving and ineffectual political system. We believe in an efficient government, a prosperous economy for everyone, and a secure country that defends the American dream from sea to shining sea. And these goals are more important to us than pledging allegiance to an empty partisan label. Twice now, tea parties have altered the course of our nation’s history. We’re here to say the third time is a charm.

The Better Government Party fights for commonsense solutions that work for America, regardless of whose platform they are on. It is ridiculous that voters are expected to choose from just two parties; are we really supposed to believe that either Democrats or Republicans have selected all the best policies to address every issue our country faces?

Today’s politics offer no place for someone who believes in both health care for all Americans and fiercely protected national borders. Our country was founded by the people and for the people, so we, the people, should not have to compromise on our beliefs just because two major parties have chosen sides.

America is supposed to be a meritocracy, where the best people who work the hardest can succeed. It is embarrassing that our political system instead rewards the most entrenched special interests and corporations that hire the most expensive lobbyists. Our country is in desperate need of a third party, indebted to no one but the American people, who can break the vicious cycle of bad governance in Washington. That is the Better Government Party.

There is no reason why populism cannot demand solutions in a reasonable tone, using its inside voice. Our political system and media coverage are driven by the extremes, but America’s core is in the moderate center. That’s where you find hardworking Americans disappointed by a government from which they expect more. Let’s fix that.

America’s two-party political system is broken. Gridlock has paralyzed our legislature in the face of grave threats. Instead of disagreeing on how to move our nation forward, Democrats and Republicans now simply disagree – on everything, for political reasons, regardless of what will happen to our country. They are so hopelessly polarized that they are pulling in completely opposite directions. With these parties so diametrically opposed, even political compromise isn’t progress because it’s like a tie game in tug-of-war; you’re left standing right where you began. Yet in these hard times, the status quo is unacceptable.

The Better Government Party is an Internet-driven political movement that is modernizing the way computer-savvy citizens interact with a transparent government held accountable for its actions. We are a forum for civil discussion and an engine for political action to create and preserve a healthy democracy in the land we love. We hope you’ll join us.

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